Internet and social media

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What do you know about your digital identity? Do you know the fingerprint or trace that you are leaving as a result of your web browsing? What about the loss of control over the content you publish on your social networks?

The Internet and the services that are provided through it have become an essential element in our lives. Anywhere and at any time, these services are part of our day-to-day life: when we inform ourselves, we relate to sharing information with others, posting photos or videos, having fun with video games, listening to music, watching movies, or shopping online.

The possibilities and advantages are endless.

However, in many cases the most used services in the network are provided thanks to the amount of information and personal data that users provide, both to the companies that offer the services and to other users, so we must be aware of the risks that this can pose to our security and privacy. 

Below you have a set of resources to help you in this task:

Information on the right to the deletion of personal data (right "into oblivion")

Videos to learn to protect incidentally I to your privacy in browsers, social networks and mobile platforms

How do I remove photos and videos of internet?