Innovation and Technology

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The AEPD (Spanish Data Protection Authority) has among its objectives to promote and disseminate knowledge about the privacy risks that arise with the development of new services, applications and with technological evolution and how to manage them with sustainable solutions from the point of view of the rights and freedoms of citizens, as well as presenting useful tools to facilitate the regulatory adaptation to SMEs and entrepeneurs.

Guidelines, reports and technical surveys

In this section you can find documents developed by the AEPD (guidelines, reports, surveys, ...) designed to disseminate knowledge among controllers, processors and those interested parties in data protection.

General surveys

Specific surveys

Risk management

Internet and mobile systems

Tools for controllers

The AEPD has developed tools and help material to assist with compliance with general data protection regulation for small businesses, entrepreneurs and developers, and other types of controllers.

In any case, controllers and processors should not forget to verify that they comply with all the requirements and obligations that guarantee compliance with GDPR and national rules on data protection.

Technical posts in the AEPD blog

The Agency has a blog in which different articles of interest on personal data protection are published periodically. Bellow is an extract of the most interesting technical posts published so far.

Collaborations and Tecnological Awards

In the framework of the promotion of research on the fundamental right to data protection, the AEPD announces awards, in different categories, to encourage innovation in terms of privacy.

In the call of 2019, the following technological awards have been convened in the field of research and entrepreneurship in the protection of personal data: 

Emilio Aced Personal Data Protection Research Award

Resolución de la Agencia Española de Protección de Datos, por la que se convoca el Premio de Investigación en Protección de Datos Personales Emilio Aced (BOE).

Ángela Ruiz Entrepreneurship in Protection of Personal Data Award

Resolución de la Agencia Española de Protección de Datos, por la que se convoca la primera edición del Premio de Emprendimiento en Protección de Datos Personales Ángela Ruiz Robles(BOE).

Links to documents of interest

This section includes a collection of links to documents and surveys of interest published by other entities and organizations, national and international.