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Guía para la notificación de brechas de datos personales

This guide is designed for different data controllers processing personal data who could be affected by data security breaches, with the aim of enabling understanding of the GDPR regarding its requirement to notify the competent authority and, when relevant, the data subjects, so that the…

Gestión del riesgo y evaluación de impacto en tratamientos de datos personales

This document is a guide to the management of risks to the rights and freedoms of data subjects applicable to any processing operation, regardless of the level of risk. In addition, and for cases of high-risk processing, it incorporates the necessary guidelines for…

Requisitos para Auditorías de Tratamientos que incluyan IA

This document is mainly addressed to controllers who are in charge of auditing processing activities including AI-based components, as well as processors or developers who wish to provide guarantees with regard to their products and solutions, Data Protection Officers…

Tecnologías y Protección de Datos en las AA.PP.

This document is mainly addressed to Data Protection Officers of the Public Administrations and civil servants in charge of promoting, managing and using these technologies within the Administration, albeit the content, and, most of all, the references included in it…

Guía de Protección de Datos por Defecto

This guide develops in a practical way the application of data protection by default, or DPbD, in the processing of personal data according to the provisions of Article 25 of the GDPR and the guide published by the European Data Protection Board "Guidelines 4/2019 on Article 25 Data Protection…


When using The Internet, certain practices affect your privacy - such as browsing activity tracking on many websites.