Evalúa-Riesgo RGPD

EVALÚA_RIESGO RGPD tool is intended to assist controllers and processors to identify the risk factors for the rights and freedoms of data subjects whose data are present in the processing, to make a first assessment of the intrinsic risk, including the need to perform a DPIA, and to estimate the residual risk if measures and safeguards are used to mitigate the specific risk factors.

The purpose of this tool is to support data controllers and data processors in their risk management process for rights and freedoms and, where appropriate to support carrying out the DPIA, in line with the guide "Risk management and impact assessment in personal data processing" published by the AEPD.

The risk factors listed in this tool are not exhaustive, but a minimum set laid out in the current regulation, and the data controller must identify those that are specific to the processing and include them in its assessment.

The assessment of the level of risk for each factor carried out by the tool, as well as the final calculation of the level of risk, represents a minimum assessment which, where appropriate, will have to be adjusted by the data controller to determine the level of risk of the processing accurately.

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