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  • Foto IA Algorithms

    AI System: just one algorithm or multiple algorithms?

    An Artificial Intelligence system is made up by different elements: interfaces, sensors, communications,… and at least one AI model where is expected to find the AI algorithm. However, the implementation of the AI model into de AI system is more than, for example, a neural network algorithm. Usually...

    22 de November de 2023

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  • Analytics

    Synthetic data and data protection

    Synthetic data is artificially generated data, in contrast to real data which is gathered from reality. A no-real data set, to be labelled like synthetic data, should preserves the characteristics and properties of the real data for a specific use case. Synthetic data could be used in the...

    02 de November de 2023

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  • Espacio de datos

    Data Spaces, sovereignty and privacy by design

    The Privacy Enhancing Technologies or PETs allow to implement the privacy principles, but the same tools are useful to implement the governance policies that guarantee the trust and data sovereignty in a Data Space.

    28 de September de 2023

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  • Auditoría

    Artificial Intelligence: Transparency

    The AIA proposal, whose material scope is AI systems, laid down a concept of transparency that differs from the same term laid down in GDPR, whose material scope is not about systems but processing of personal data. Both transparency terms involve different actors and different information intended...

    20 de September de 2023

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  • Monedas digitales - Blog

    Digital Currencies

    We have been using electronic money for quite some time, understood as any monetary value stored by electronic means for payment transactions. Electronic banking and electronic payment services are regulated at both European and national level, however, with advances in technology, innovative forms...

    11 de September de 2023

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  • Carpeta ciudadana

    Digital Citizen's Folder (Carpeta Ciudadana): transparency of public administrations towards the data subject and the exercise of citizens' right of access

    The Digital Citizen's Folder (Carpeta Ciudadana) is a personal online space that simplifies the relationship between citizens and Public Administrations, allowing the data subjects, in an agile and simple way, to know the files that are open in the different bodies, their registry entries between...

    25 de July de 2023

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  • mikado

    Artificial Intelligence: accuracy principle in the processing activity

    The performance of an algorithm, among others artificial intelligence algorithms, could be compromised by the inaccuracy of the input data when running it, not only by the data used for development. Therefore, in the assessment of a processing activity that embeds an AI system, it is needed to...
    31 de May de 2023

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  • Entrenamiento federado

    Federated Learning: Artificial Intelligence without compromising privacy

    Privacy Enhancing Technologies (PET) enable data sharing by ensuring data protection principles and will also build trust between different actors when sharing data.   Federated Learning techniques are a category of PET that allow the development of machine learning systems without the need to...

    26 de April de 2023

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